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Key Points that you have to Discuss with your Event Florist before a Major Function placement

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If you are getting an event organized you must have thought about hiring an event florist. Any event is incomplete without a gracious mix of flowers as they will add a lot of beauty to the occasion. The flower scheme will depend upon the kind of event, guest list, budget and your aesthetic preferences. You will need to talk to your event florist about certain aspects of the decorations.

Take care of the placement

The placement of flowers is very important as their beauty will remain unnoticed if they are not placed well. The main floral arrangements should be placed at the main entrances and corridors where people can admire them at their leisure. Take care that the view to the flowers are not obstructed by objects like speakers, screens, cutlery and gifts.

If the flowers are scented make sure that they are not placed near the food. The scent will interfere with the aroma of the food and spoil the efforts of the chef. Also some of your guests might have scent allergy so it’s better not to keep flowers with strong scents at your event. Obviously you don’t want guests sneezing and developing rashes at the occasion. Similarly ask the event florist to place flowers with pollen far away (at an elevated height or remote corners) so that pollen grains do not fall on the clothes of the guests.

Make sure you get a detailed expense sheet/ quote from the florist before hiring. Be doubly sure that the sheet should not have any hidden expenses.

For the event to look more beautiful, find the right event florist supplies.