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Key Features of a Good and Reliable Antenna System

Posted in Construction & Renovation

A good quality digital antenna is imperative if you want to continue enjoying digital TV and your favourite programmes. With Australia having gone completely digital at the beginning of this year, people are naturally making a rush for digital antennas. Naturally, the market is flooded with antenna of all types, sizes and brands and it’s best to consult professional Digital Antenna Installations Melbourne before making the purchase.

Selecting an Antenna for your Television System

You can use both indoor antenna and outdoor antenna while viewing digital television. The antenna can also be either directional or unidirectional. Directional antenna is installed in such a way that it can catch the strongest signals coming from a particular direction. Omni-directional antenna can pick up signal coming from different directions. The strength of the signal will also depend on the distance of your house from the transmitting centre and presence of tall building, trees or mountain in the area.

Identifying a Good and Reliable Antenna

While buying a television antenna, it is vital to consider certain key factors such as gain, range, ease of installation, durability, ease of installation, price etc. After all, watching on a digital TV is something you enjoy immensely and you wouldn’t want a bad quality antenna to spoil your pleasure.

Having Appropriate Gain

‘Gain’ is the measure of the antenna’s ability of receiving signals. This means, you will need an antenna of higher gain if you reside in an area that is far off from the transmission centre or is surrounded by tall buildings or mountains. However, do remember that the gain of an antenna is also influenced by the transmission strength of individual channels i.e. It will always be difficult to get a strong signal for channels that are inherently weak.