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Is it Important to be Choosy when Picking Long board Styles

Posted in Shopping

Long boards are longer version of skateboards used by professionals for racing and transporting. For the experts in the skating ring, the long boards give them stability and are safer to ride. It is not the best option when you want to perform tricks but are best for slalom. You would find may trained skaters cruising through the concrete floors to reach their respective destination. Another advantage is that long boards cross a greater distance in one push making it the most suited due to its fluid motion. 

Stage of Learning

Choosing a long board depends on the stage of learning. Beginners must buy the beginner or disposable long board. These boards are safer to ride and comfortable to get used to for skating. If you are in the intermediate stage then the mid-length boards which range between 39 to 50 inches.

As this is best suited for tricks, you can start practicing those small stunts. Mid-length boards are difficult to ride as it brings in versatility. If you are an expert, then you are spoilt for choices between pintails, flat nose riders or longer shortboards. You may choose a board depending on the type of tricks you perform as well as the comfort of the longboard.

When you want to show off your skating skills and boast about your control over the speed, cruisers are the long boards you should invest in. These are much longer than the usual boards and are between the ranges of 150-200 cms. Trick boards are shorter and do not exceed 110 cms.