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Is Augmentation For You Breast

Posted in Health & Beauty

What will move a person to have part of her body altered cosmetically? Is it comfortable to have a fake part of our body? Well, admit it, it is not naturally part of our body, it is something that is incorporated through science but still, this does not stop women most of all, to have second thoughts about cosmetic surgeries. Among these cosmetic surgeries, breast augmentation is said to be one of the most common. This is expected though since our breasts are only good while you are still single or still in the right age and not yet with a baby. Once you have your first baby, trust that drastic change will happen to your breasts like it is less firm. Another factor for the sudden loss of elasticity of our breasts is age. Well, in time, everything in us will start to diminish like wrinkles will start to appear and of course, our breasts will start to sag. But there are also those that are really born with small breasts there is hardly a difference for them if they are facing us or we are at their back.


But is breast augmentation safe and effective? Well, with so many women having this kind of surgery, this should be safe and with the technology we have these days where more major surgeries are done every day, breast augmentation is actually just too lame. There are different reasons why women will decide to have these surgeries especially that this is not cheap. So, here are some of these most common reasons:

- Some simply want to boost their self-esteem. Admit it, if you don’t have what others have, especially if it is quite obvious, you will really feel insecure. The same thing goes with breasts, of course there are now ways to look like you are “gifted” but you know the truth and it will not make you feel better knowing that when you reach home, you will see the truth.

- Micromastia is another reason. This is when your breasts seem to be always small like that of a teen despite the fact that you are already adult. This can really generate insecurity like you don’t feel sexy. It would seem like if only you have larger breasts, you will be the happiest and with that thought, thus they consider breast implants.

- When the other breast is larger. This can also cause inferiority complex and the thing is, this seems to be just normal like there is really no solution and it is not something you have to be burdened medically. However, there are some women who want to correct this thus they will decide to have the breast implants.

But the thing is, not all who are in the situation mentioned above can afford breast implants as if this procedure is cheap, then we all have perfect breasts. However, for those who are determined to have perfect breasts, there is a more affordable breast augmentation Thailand thus you should check this out.