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Installing Insect Screens for the Kids’ Room

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The old doors and windows can be protected by these screens. Installing them on the old models is not a very difficult task. Use Velcro tapes if your child loves the feel of polyester or elastic material. Using them will enable you to attach the mesh with the window frame easily.

A fibre glass or fly screens is also a good option. It can drive away the monotony of regular materials. For this you will have to fix the mesh on top of the screen. Attaching it to a groove might demand professional help. Your child’s safety is your first priority. So never shy away from seeking professional help.

Surrounding Environment

The material should be chosen keeping in mind your area of habitation. Synthetic mesh or bronze should be chosen by people living close to the coastal areas. Care should be taken to prevent corrosion by saline water.

Your pets are very much a part of your family. Pets have a tendency to create large holes with their sharp teeth and claws. Using an aluminium or steel mesh can prove beneficial in such circumstances.

Creative people can make use of their innovative skills to create something unique for their child.

The Hot Summer

A large number of homeowners prefer to have natural ventilation for their child during the hot summers. A retractable screen can prove to be your child’s best friend. Try to coordinate the screen with the entire look of the room.

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