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Install a Rainwater Tank in A Newly Built Home

Posted in Construction & Renovation

Water is precious natural resource which should be used carefully. You need to anyway reduce your water consumption needs so that you can save a lot of money in terms of tank size. Make sure that you remember the gross weight of water (about 500 gallons will weigh more than 2 tones) so make sure that your home has the structural integrity to withstand this weight. Make sure that if you hire a painter to paint the insides of your tank dark in colour as opaque solid colours inhibit algae growth.

Make sure that tank tops are clear of debris and vegetation so that animals are no attracted to the top. There should be a screening device and a first flush device which can be installed in order to keep the water fresh and clean.

The openings of the tank should be placed at a convenient angle so that your workmen can easily access and clean the rainwater tank.

Fiberglass tanks

You can think of getting a fiberglass tank installed if you are looking for an inexpensive light weight option which will last for a long time. The installation process will depend on the location of the tank, size of the tank. Look for tanks which are enhanced with USDA food grade resin lining and which can resist algae due to its opaque shell. Leakage from fittings does not happen in case of fiberglass tanks as the fittings are integral in nature.

Getting rainwater tank installed at your home cannot provide you permanent solution, but it surely can help you in meeting your water requirements till you get water connection.

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