Impressive Website

When creating a web design, see to it your shopping cart is the first thing they will see in your site for every visitor will surely try to check that out. It should also be a complete one equipped with all the necessary details important in checking out your products and its availability.

Another point to watch out is when labeling your site. Like for example the “add to cart button”, don’t try to have some other vague wordings, just be direct to the point so that the visitors can easily figure out what every button means. Watch out also when thinking of what color to use for every button. Take note that if the button means positive, you can opt for either blue or green while orange or red can be used if an item is not available anymore.

Again for your visitors to have an easy time with your site, a search box is imperative. In fact, it would be best if you will include an “autocomplete” function within it which will give the closest matches while the visitor is typing what he wants. It will also let the visitor correct if the search will not match anything or it will help him directly match to the closest products available without loading the page.

Another thing is don’t try to mess up your design just because you want it to look good yet as result the visitor will have a hard time figuring it out. Instead, aim for practicality.

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