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Important Tips To Enhance Termite Protection

Posted in Home Maintenance

Pest infestation is something that we should take seriously. In order for us to have a pest-free home, there are necessary steps that we need to take. 

Proper storage of timber and cellulose material. This is important because termites primarily mean to destroy cellulose materials. Storage of such materials in the house or in close vicinity to the house will be a reason enough to have a termite infestation. Such materials should be stored in separate and well-sealed compartments. All this in the effort to enhance termite protection.

Termites are humid region dwellers hence it is important that leaking waterway such as faulty pipes and the leaking taps should be repaired so as to ensure that termites have a non-conducive environment and in this way contributing to fighting against an infestation by the pests. This ensures that moisture levels remain low hence termites will find it hard to inhabit the home or areas directly in the vicinity of the home.

The rain water, hot water services and air conditioning overflows, should be redirected to sewerage rather than in places close to the house. This will ensure humidity levels in the house remain as low as possible. Maintaining low humidity levels will see it that the efforts toward termite protection bear fruit.

Construction timber used in home constructions should be treated well. These are the timber used as fences and sheds and other such like timber-made structures.

Along the walls of the house as well as along timber structures, homeowners should not allow for the growth of creeping plants along the walls as these are entry points for termites as well as the hidden habitation for the same.

Around the home, as a further measure of termite protection, it is important that all stumps are removed. Tree stumps are a potential habitation for termites. You can either remove it yourself. You can check Youtube on how to get rid of them properly.

Termite shielding should be kept intact at all times to ensure that the house is well safe from termite infestation. EPM Pest Control have vast experience in protecting Sydney homes from termites.