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Important Guidelines on How to Prevent Forklift Accidents

The forklift is one of the most useful heavy equipment for business. It can carry heavy items on warehouses, distribution center, construction sites among others. Having mentioned these, we should keep in mind that forklift operators should be properly trained on how to operate this vehicle to avoid accidents. Other things that we need to do are the following:

Arrange for highly visible Seat belts

When the seat belts have a different color from the entire forklift they gain visibility. Even people sitting far away can see the seat belts and keep a tab on the operations of forklifts. This simple precaution can cause major changes in the ratio of accidents happening in the warehouse.

Using a loud horn at intersecting points, curves and bends is another way operators of forklifts can gain attention and announce their arrival. Letting people in the work area know that the forklift is approaching is important so that they clear their way out of danger. 

Safety add ons

There are several measures which can be taken to increase the safety quotient of forklift operations in warehouses. One of them is back up alarm. These alarms have a really irritating sound which makes them good for their purpose. Some alarms have the capacity of steadily increasing sounds which are great for grabbing attention. When the speed of the forklift increases the volume of the alarm also increases. This ensures that pedestrians and workers are well aware of the advent of forklifts.

Strong lights in warehouses

The amount of lighting in a warehouse is important to ensure the safety of people in warehouses. Poor illumination will increase the chances of accidents by collision with forklifts. Ensure that the cost cutting measures of warehouses do not include cost cutting in terms of lights.