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Important Considerations on Why Digital Antenna is A Must Have

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With the continuous advancement of our technology of spatial communication, the TV signal has been changed by digital format. There are a lot of benefits of using a digital antenna as compared to the analog.


The signals in analog form suffer attenuation to a greater extent. The strength of these signals is inversely proportional to the distance they travel. Therefore longer the distance of receiving antenna from the station, higher will the loss. This problem is overcome in the digital antennas. Being transmitted in the binary form, they are not affected by attenuation. Keep this point in mind during the process of antenna installation.

Up gradation in technology

Most of the TV broadcasting stations is changing the transmission formats from analog to digital. The inefficiency of the former and the capabilities of the latter have made this transition go ahead at the global level. The old school analog antennas will surely not be able to receive the signal is digital format.

Plus the reception of good quality signals will also be very low. Hence it is strongly recommended that you upgrade you old analog antenna system to the latest digital antenna system. 

Cable should also be changed

Yes! In order to be able to see the picture and hear the sound in optimum quality, only changing the antennas will not function. It should be complemented with the change in cable system as well. The orthodox cable system is not capable of transmitting high quality signals received in the digital antenna. Co-axial cables should be employed to get better transmission of these signals.

Automatic correction

The combination of a digital TV and a digital antenna will make sure that any sort of disturbance or noise in the signal is automatically corrected, giving you a sublime TV viewing experience. Unlike the analog signals where the transmission was not stable all the times and even little changes in weather used to affect the quality of the pictures being transmitted.