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Importance of Maintaining a Cordial Relationship with your Lawyer

Posted in Lawyers

It is important to maintain a cordial relationship with your family lawyers, and a reasonable amount of courtesy needs to be extended towards the lawyers and his staff by you. Your family lawyers are your friends and the one who has taken the onus of defending you.

Your lawyer is NOT conspiring against you

Just because it seems as if he is taking too much time to find a solution, or doesn’t seem too proactive at times, do not assume that your lawyer is in cahoots with the opposition and is not on your side. And if there is any evidence pointing towards this fact, then you better switch lawyers pronto! Your lawyer is polite to the opposition, because that IS a rule lawyers have their own community and they work with police officers, and other lawyers from the opposition all the time. So if they seem polite to the ones from the other side, or talk with respect to the police officers, then it’s only because they need to make sure their contacts are not offended at any cost. They have a life to live as well, and you must understand that.

Your attorney brings negative information to you for your own benefit

When your lawyer provides you with negative information, it is only because he needs information from you to counter the negatives, or to keep you prepared for what may occur. Do not take this as a sign that your lawyer is disinterested in your case or does not care for its healthy outcome.