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Importance of Buying the Right Shoe

Posted in Shopping

How many times have you seen a men’s dress shoes up on the racks at a shoe store and wished you could squeeze your feet into it? While designer shoes are attractive and tempting to buy, they are not friends of your feet. And the long term effects of wearing ill fitting shoes that distort the natural shape of your feet can be tragic and painful. If you wear shoes that do not fit properly, you can end up having a lot of problems.

Blisters are the most common problems one faces, but apart from these you can land up with bunions, flat feet, and circulation problems in your feet, hammer toes, and neuromas. These are all painful conditions and can cause you to have pain in your feet for a prolonged time. More so, they affect your entire skeletal system and cause the musculoskeletal structure to become imbalanced. Your feet bear the entire weight of your body, and if they were to become deformed and painful, it would not only affect your posture and gait but also your daily life if ti cause permanent toe or ankle injuries.

What happens when you wear ill fitting shoes?

The first sign that your shoe is ill fitting is the constant pain that you suffer from. Your feet ache, and you feel tired all the time. The pain can also radiate to other parts of your body such as ankles, hips, knees, and your back.

Not only can these but also calluses and bunions form very easily when the shoes rub against your feet.