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Implement These Very Important Rules When Hiring Strippers

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Only strippers Gold Coast makes sure that everything will be safe for the sake of the clients, and at the same time provide our strippers safety as we work with you. Remember that we are dealing business with you, and we are not just pleasure givers. That’s why in order to formalize a lot of things on both of our ends, and for both parties to have a great night, we make sure that rules are implemented. All clients are in need of knowing this before they purchase the strippers that they desire in order for you and us to have a better deal altogether.

Here are the following:

Respect is a Crucial Thing

First of all, be warned that we have safety measures for our strippers in order to assure them their full safety. As we deal, respect is a very important factor because these strippers are also working hard to earn a good life. They must be treated as people who are having a great night as you do, and abuse is never a choice on your actions if you’re with them. We can take legal measures if abuse is considered during their performance.

Media is Prohibited

Usage of media products such as cameras and audio recorders are not allowed whenever our strippers perform. We make sure that everything is private for the sake of the security of our workers’ identities since they need it.

Details About Privacy

We make sure that our strippers have nicknames to further secure them. Private details such as name, address, phone numbers, and the like are not allowed to be revealed as they perform.

Age Policies

Every client that we have are 18+ in order to make sure that they are legal to do this. We will be asking for identification on your end first before we proceed with the delivery process in order to make sure that you’re really allowed to get performance from our strippers.


The location is all yours to decide as we respect your needs in having privacy, too.

Having Fun

What matters for us is that you have fun, and that’s what you also need to experience as we provide our services to you. Rest assured that if you experience this, then we will be more than glad to serve more people. At the same time, we will guarantee you that our strippers are the best performers out there that will make your evening totally memorable.

These rules are immediately implemented once you make a hire on our end because we make deals professional, too. We make sure that these are also implemented for the sake of your own good since we value our customers a lot! If the stripper decides to override these rules in privacy and using media, we will then allow you to break those rules since they might be having real fun with you already. So contact us now in order to get your desired hired strippers for the evening!