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How Utilize Disposed off Construction Waste and Save Money

Posted in Construction & Renovation

The activities that are carried out during the demolition process generates a lot of waste which has to be taken care of, otherwise it would become an upheaval task to manage later. What if this waste generates some cash instead of being thrown away?

The wooden beams, cupboards and other wooden fixtures and fittings can be utilized to make new cabinet work and wood work processes. One of the best waste management practices is to reuse the bricks that are removed from the previous structure in reconstruction activities.

The strength of the resulting structure should not be compromised with, and thus the old bricks must undergo a strength and durability test and only should be passed if they comply with the standards. This practice saves a considerable amount in buying new raw materials from the market.

The bathroom fixtures which can still be used must be recovered from the construction or demolition site and they must be reused. Generally, not all of the tiles of an old house are withered and damaged and some of them can be reused in the new construction site.

Other construction materials include concrete (often recycled & reused at the site), steel and other metals, pallets, packaging and paper products, fluorescent tubes (unbroken).

Other good waste management practice at construction and demolition site is to recycle all the metals and metal products at the construction site like scrap metal which is scraped off the old structure. This scrap metal can be sold off to a nearby scrap recycling plant to earn as much cash as possible and that cash can be utilized to buy new raw material.

Hazardous waste materials like asbestos should be disposed properly.

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