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How to Tell if your Home is Perfect for Solar Systems

Posted in Construction & Renovation

But buying a solar system which doesn’t fit the roof of your house, or doesn’t get proper sunlight might turn out to be an utter disaster. Let’s find out how you can decide whether your home is prefect for solar systems or not.

Direction of Sunlight

Make sure that the place where solar system will get installed at your home is north facing. This should be placed in north direction gets maximum sunlight, and therefore obtain sufficient sunlight for getting fully charged. Contrary to that, systems placed in east and west direction are unable to garner that much of light, and don’t get charged completely. And north direction is totally unsuitable for their installation. Most of the sunlight falls between 9am to 3pm, and that’s the time when the solar system can abundantly get charged.

Shady Area

For charging solar panels to the fullest of their capacities, it’s vital that there should be no obstruction blocking sunlight to fall on the solar panels. If you have big tree providing shade to your roof, decide to either get that removed, or skip the idea of installing solar system, because shade will block a large amount of light to reach to the solar panels. Apart from that, there should be no shade of neighbor building falling on the solar panels.

Roof Orientation

If the orientation of your roof is correct, solar system can easily be installed, otherwise special frames would be required for installing these systems, for giving them correct orientation. Also, you need to make special arrangements for installing solar system at your home, should you have stylish or tilted roof.

For home projects, it is better to contact a small building contractor to do  the job.