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How to Take Care of Wooden Floors

Now a days, home designs also have made an upgrade. Life for instance, the availability of lots of flooring options such as the tiles, stone flooring and marbles which actually make houses look very expensive. But there are still a lot of people who prefer to use Adelaide timber floor as the type of flooring in their home. Actually, to use this type of flooring gives an elegant look to your house while adding comfort and relax feeling to the home owners. As you read through this article, you will be able to know on how to care for your wooden floors in order to have it last longer than expected. 

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First and foremost, cleaning floors, it is advised to use vacuum while to refrain from using mops. Here’s the tip. As you soak your wooden floor with water, it could easily damage it. In order to keep its beauty and great look, it is recommended to use vacuum in maintaining its very shiny wood texture. Regular use of vacuum cleaners allow all dirt and other minute particles to be removed while also making sure that all those dusts that got stuck in between the wooden tile are also removed well.

Secondly, make sure that the furniture you have in your home have wheels. The furniture with no wheels can leave scratched and marks on your hardwood floors. To prevent the unlikely damages, choose to have wheeled furniture to move the appliances easily to avoid leaving marks on the floor. For furniture with no wheels, make sure to lift it as you try to transfer its location.

Another way to maintain your hardwood floors is by keeping away your pets. The claws and nails definitely leave scratches on the floor. So, keep away all your pets inside your house. Put carpets on to minimize the chances of having scratches on the hardwood as well. If you can’t refrain your pets from going inside your house, just cut their nails and keep them well groomed all the time.

Moreover, prevent direct contact with sunlight. Extreme heat exposure makes your polish to easily fade. Put on curtains in your windows to protect your floor from fading.

Lastly, always apply the right floor polish. Use wax to maintain its shiny texture. Don’t put anything you are unsure of to avoid floor damages to occur.

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