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How to Start a Juice Bar Business?

Posted in Hospitality

From health enthusiasts to vegan dieters, and all those who like a dose of fruit in their diet for health reasons – a juice bar appeals to almost every one. Starting a juice bar is a good business idea but like with all business ideas you need to make sure that you have a strong USP and distinguish yourself from the other vendors. You need to have Commercial Juicer for this business.

Study the opposition

This pointer cannot be underlined enough. Knowing what the opposition is offering can help you a lot in answering questions about what to keep on the menu, and what price to mark against a certain item. If a lot of your opposition is made up of franchise owners, then you may want to talk to them and see if taking on a franchise for sale is a better idea than being independent.

Find a local vendor for your groceries

For your juice bar to run without a hitch, you would need the choicest veggies and fruits and a really low cost per unit rate. Talk to the grocers in your area and find someone who would sell you the ingredients at a low wholesale rate. If you also wish to cater to the health-enthusiast club then having a few body building shakes with whey protein or bananas will help you tap into that clientele. Ask you grocer if he can supply you with these as well.

Find help

You can always ask your friends and family to help out while you find people to help with the bar. This will help cut down on costs as well and you may gain from their experience and insight.