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How to Protect your Personal Antenna from Neighbourhood Animals

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Just fixing antenna on a house top does not make the work complete. It has to be well maintained so that you get proper signals and can watch the television without interruption. But keeping the digital antenna intact becomes a little tedious, especially, if you have animals or birds that have made your roof top their home. Here are some tips which may help you get rid of them without causing them any harm.

Dart squirrels from the attic

Squirrels are usually attracted to hardwood which is their natural habitat. Houses which have digital antennas on their roof tops give them an easy access to the attic. Their constant scuttling on the antenna may move the direction of it and the TV may stop receiving signals. To stop this behaviour of the animal, fix a metal shield over the entry to the attic. This may stop their constant scurrying over the antenna.

Dissuade roosting birds

Birds usually make their nest on roof tops where they have enough shade. Any one corner of your terrace or roof top can be a suitable location for their breeding. Many times, they may land on your digital antenna. Birds tend to move around all the time and this will change the position of the antenna. You can stop these birds from returning by hanging stinking clothes near their nest. Birds don’t like the odour. A model of a scarecrow or owl may also make them leave.

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