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How to Perform Carpet Cleaning In An Artistic Way

Posted in Home Maintenance

It is common that people have their ideas of doing certain things trapped in common sense. For example, when one is asked to filled a room as much as he can with 5 dollars, he might probably think of using something real cheap and real big. That’s call a stereotype. What’s not stereotype is to simply buy a candle and light it up. The light will fill the room in no time.

Scenes that similar to this situation are all over the place. If you happen to ask a question to yourself before doing something routine, you might find out there is actually a different way to work it out. Marketers, the group of people who are always creative, have been seeking new ideas using this thesis and making success with it.

It is not very difficult to expand the thesis to another area, like, carpet cleaning. People have been very angry about carpet cleaning because it is just so hard to restore carpets to its original beauty. That hairy or fluffy furniture are always the toughest thing to handle. But, are we sure that cleaning it only means restoring it to its original way?

To most of us, that might be true because we are taught this way. According to dictionary, “clean” means to rid of dirt, rubbish, or impurities. It sounds perfectly normal. However, if we dig deeper into the definition and look more carefully, we may walk around the definition and find a brand new way for carpet cleaning in an artistic way.

How can we do that?

First of all, we should not consider the stain on our carpets are either dirt, rubbish or something impurities. Objectively, they are just a bit of color. What can we do with color? We can create a painting! Instead of hiring carpet cleaning in Melbourne with several cleaning tools, we can follow the stain and paint a creature, a plant, a chess board or even something abstract with the right color. In this way, we basically turn our carpet into a new carpet with different pattern!

Secondly, think about the color again. If we are not comfortable with so many colors, we could try to burn our carpet to clean it. By burning, I mean to use a tiny flame to burn in a small range. By using small flame, I am able to paint an artistic carpet with the burnt hairs and the intact ones, which in other words, are mostly only two different colors. In this way, we make carpet cleaning wonderfully easy.

Last not least, if one is truly not comfortable with his or her painting, one could always tear the carpet apart and therefore replace the original carpet with several smaller carpets that has different patterns naturally. This would be the final way out if because we are less likely to make further improvement on the carpet. Unless we are in fluctuate mode, we should keep this method to the last.