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How To Pay Mortgage Brokers Fee

Posted in Real Estate

Are you one of the new home buyers in town? Are you thinking about hiring a mortgage broker? If yes, then you will need to know about the cost of hiring a mortgage broker.

A mortgage broker is not an employee of a bank or any other lender organizations. He works as a freelancer and earn from both the lender and the borrower. His job is to work as a bridge between these two groups.

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He will lead you to the lowest cost and best options for taking a loan from the lender. Now let’s explain them from the lender’s point of view. A mortgage broker can find potential borrowers for the lender. So both parties get benefitted from him. Different firms pay a mortgage broker in different ways:

• Fixed Pay:

If you agree to pay your mortgage broker a fixed amount of money for a successful home loan, then he gets the fixed rate. He will receive the amount that is fixed at the beginning of the bargain without depending on how much loan you get.

• Hourly Pay:

Mortgage brokers can be paid hourly. But before agreeing on that, make sure you get an estimate of total hours he will need for this task.

• Percentage Pay:

Your broker may agree for a % of your mortgage. If this is the case then of course make an estimated calculation beforehand.

• Commission:

Some brokers work for the lending companies. They will charge you nothing because they get a commission for bring a potential borrower like you to the lender. Usually a less famous or new lender will use this tactics to spread his business. Do not worry that just because your mortgage broker does not get a payment from you, that means, he will work against you. Remember, he get a % of what you get as a loan. He just get the amount from the lender. So his target would be to help you.

• Combined Pay:

The mortgage broker can receive payment from both the lender and the borrower. You, the borrower, will pay him because he has helped you in all the paperworks, application, documents, negotiation etc. And the lender will pay him because he has found them a prospective borrower. The charges will be discussed separately and independently. Both of the payment can be fixed, hourly or percentage basis.

Hiring a mortgage broker will help you to process the whole home buying matter with ease. So, before hiring them learn about as much as you can, that includes the payment system of the mortgage broker.