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How to Make your Bamboo Flooring More Durable

Posted in Home Designs

The modern era has come with many inventions covering most of the fields that you can think of flooring included. There is no better way of testing the quality of something other than the test of time. And that exactly what this particular flooring has gone through. Floors made from bamboo have been used since time immemorial and continue to be the best flooring that one can have even with the advent of fiber materials and hardened plastics. Their advantages have proved to outweigh their disadvantages by a big margin and that is why any flooring expert can vouch for them.

In terms of durability, Perth Bamboo floor is known to be one of the most durable floors that one can have. Many are always surprised by the fact that bamboos are more durable and stronger than hardwoods but that is the naked truth. They are even cheaper and more eco-friendly than hardwoods hence the reason why you should give them priority next time you think of flooring. It however goes without saying that they too have their weak points. Though they may be the most durable among other eco-friendly materials, they may lose this vantage point if exposed to certain conditions.

Just like any other wood, bamboo flooring does not work well in moist environments. Depending on its treatment and finishing, it may be somehow water resistant. Even in its natural state, it can still do with some little exposure though this will greatly affect its durability. As much as it remains to be the most water resistant among other organic substances of the same strength, it still poses the common qualities of an organic substance. Just like hard wood floors, floors made from bamboos will also degrade faster once exposed to moist conditions. Apart from that, they will warp and discolor and if nothing is done molds will even grow on them. This therefore means that although finishing can greatly increase their water resistance, you should by all means avoid using them on areas that are exposed to water or high concentrations of humidity.

Bamboos will also serve you better if you keep their coat intact. A lot of people tend to think that the sole purpose of a material’s finishing is to make them more appealing to the eye. Well, they are wrong. Aesthetics in most cases will be a secondary value when it comes to finishing and so is it in bamboo flooring. The primary value in this case is to protect the material from the outside environment. This gives it a longer lifespan than when exposed. Always try as much as possible not to scratch off the protective layer.