How To Make T Shirt Printing A Success?

Whether your T Shirt Printing idea is a hobby or a business, it is important that you know the process involved for you to make sure that the finished product is satisfactory. Although it may seem so easy to come up with designs, printing it can be such a challenge. If you have already heard horror stories from your coworkers and friends, you may be hesitant to continue with your plan. The process does not have to be complicated because all you need to do is to prepare everything.

First of all, you need to think about the colors because once you choose the wrong color for your artwork, it cannot be undone and you need to create another one. The colors of the shirt and the design should blend well. Although you might get tempted in settling with basic colors such as black and white, you need to explore other options or your designs will not look interesting.

It is also necessary that you create a vector image with high resolution. You can refer to web design tutorials that are available online if you want to know how to go about creating vector images. You need to think how the design will impact the overall appearance of your shirt. Whether your designs are minimalistic or detailed, see to it that the all elements are present. When printing, make sure you make consistent strokes. Avoid printing over a seam as this will result in uneven finish. The surface where you are to print the design must also be even and flat.

T shirt could also one ways of introducing your business to people. This is a great marketing strategy.

You must also take note there are garments that may not be able to show the details you want. Even with the advancements in screen printing, the designs will still not be visible because of the materials some garments are made of. When it comes to T Shirt Printing, avoid ribbed garments, canvas material, pique polos and burnout tees. You also need to be mindful of your color combinations. There are colors that just do not go well and your design will appear sloppy. Make sure you choose colors that will allow you to discharge ink.

Although the process is not going to be easy, making sure that you take note of the principles of printing can help you avoid some hassles that you would usually encounter if you rush the T Shirt Printing process. Make a research online so you will have an idea which technique really works for you.

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