How to Identify and Choose Safe Accommodations for an Adventure Getaway

Adventure getaways offer a rare chance to escape into the unknown and translate your fears into experiences. There is nothing like a getaway to lift your spirits and put a smile on your face. However safety is always a concern when you are travelling to an unknown place. You should do proper research before choosing an accommodation especially if you are traveling with your family.

Hotel safety tips

Make sure that your rooms are not on the ground or second floors. These types of rooms are usually accessible from the street and so can place you and your family in a vulnerable position. Choosing rooms higher up like in the fifth or sixth floors is better. This position is distant enough to discourage access from the streets yet accessible enough for the fire department in case there is an emergency.

Check the locking system of the doors to make sure that they work perfectly. Ask the hotel manager whether there are surveillance cameras to track movement inside the hotel. Instruct your kids on the emergency helpline number, alarm bells and the nearest exit points. Your chosen hotel should have security cameras in the stairwells, exercise and gym rooms, public rooms etc. These cameras can help you identify criminals.

Check out suitability of accommodation

In case you are not staying in a hotel and opting for a camping spot make sure that you gain adequate knowledge about the local flora and fauna. It’s better that you consult with local people about the possibility of dangerous reptiles and animals near your camping spot.

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Caravans are indeed large type of vehicle. For security purposes, you can place them on a storage warehouse.