Home Maintenance

How to Hire Cleaning Service for Your Home

Employing somebody to clean your house is extremely confounded. You can be ashamed of having a sink full of dirty dishes because of the weekend or you can hire a good residential cleaning services Melbourne.

Just as you can hire a taxi through apps or get delivery for dinner, there are a lot of errands we used to do that are now being outsourced to companies and residential cleaning services is one of them. Finding a cleaner on a budget is great if you can find one that fits your needs and your wallet. It used to be available to only the rich and famous but now, it is becoming available to the common man. 

You cannot however just give your keys to a stranger and expect that stranger to clean your home well. There are certain steps you have to be able to accomplish before you let some cleaner into your home.

What do you need to be cleaned? You need to know what areas of the household need focus with regards to cleaning before choosing a cleaning service. Are there any particular rooms you don’t want the cleaning service to enter or rooms that need more attention than others? Don’t expect the service to sew on buttons for you or to even clean your laundry because this is not

Just having one bedroom cleaned will take about 2-3 hours and small bathrooms take an hour to clean. Beware of websites or ads for cleaning services that offer 1-2 hour services as they are making promises they cannot keep.

With paying for the residential cleaning services, you also have to be smart with regards to the company you pick for cleaning jobs like these. Beware because there are companies that have a flat fee for cleaning and these are the ones you should look for. A per-hour charge has the possibility of the cleaners moving slower than normal to get more money from you. This is a scam that you have to avoid at all costs. This will not only waste your time but also your money. 

You tip waitresses and bellboys but should you tip cleaners as well? Some residential cleaning services have a service charge incorporated into the bill but some don’t. These cleaners clean the place where you go to bed, eat most meals and watch the most TV. They deserve a tip no matter what. It is usually customary to give a tip anywhere between 10-12%.