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How to Determine if Shipping Costs are Worth it for Products you are Buying Overseas

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The internet has turned the world into one vast marketplace where time and geographical locations hardly making a difference to your shopping spree. You can just log on to your favourite e-commerce site (irrespective of its location), select products, check the displayed price and proceed to make payment online. But wait… this is not the end of the transaction! Have you calculated the shipping charges along with the actual product of the price? In many cases, the cost of shipment far exceeds the actual cost of the product and it may no longer seem lucrative enough to buy from foreign portals.

How to Calculate Cost of Shipment

There are several methods of paying shipment charges when you buy products from overseas stores. For one, most portals clearly mention the shipping charges as additional amount if they are moving the product on your behalf. In such cases, it is easy to compare the charges with the product price and come to a decision.

You can cancel your order if the transportation charges are too high and if you feel it’s not worth spending so much money just to indulge in overseas brands. Secondly, many companies offer free shipping facilities if you book in bulk. Thirdly, you ship the product yourself.

In both the second and third cases, you must know how to calculate shipment cost if you want to understand if you are gaining or losing by purchasing overseas and getting the product shipped to your doorstep.