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How to Choose a Dress that Suits Your Body Type?

Posted in Shopping

Buying clothes which look good on the rack and not thinking of the perfect fit for your body type will not make you look your best. Clothes which give a good impression may end up looking terribly bad on you. So, before you browse on womens clothing online, analyse your body type and fit into the best outfit. Buy cheap prom dresses online!




If you feel that you hips and bottom are wider than your top half, then you have a pear shaped body. Use tops and scarf which accentuate your top half and distract attention from the bottom part of your body.

Always wear darker colours like brown, black or dark blue on the lower half and contrast it with a bright colour tops with bold prints. Choose tops which go a little below your hips, to hide the area and make you look slimmer. You could also choose to wear a belt which is of the same colour as your lower half and is thin in size.


With a heavier body in the middle and above the waist, women with an apple-shaped body should try their best to distract attention from their middle portion of the body as it is already on the heavier side.

Wearing bold prints near your belly area, thick belts with detailed designing, clingy shirts, short pants and high-cut skirts have to be avoided.

Wearing V shaped shirts or A-line dresses would draw attention to your bust, making you look elongated and thin at your waist. You could also try to show off your legs and pair them up with high heels shoes.

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