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How Solar Power System Works?

Posted in Construction & Renovation

Once all the units are connected, the system is ready. To put it simply, since it is solar powered system, when the sun shines on the solar panels it generates DC electricity. This generated current is fed into the connected inverter. After this, it is then converted to 240V50HZ AC.

Since AC or alternate current is required to finally power your appliances, it is this converted current that powers your appliances indoors.

Now since the entire system is further connected to the main grid, the extra or unused power is stored in the main grid. So in short, every time it is sunny, the solar cells generate the electricity which is then eventually put to use in your house.

During the night, when there is not natural sun light, your power will come from the main grid. The stored power may be used or the direct provision may come from the power supply come. You will accordingly be billed for what you use by them.

Benefits of a grid connect solar system

As previously mentioned, the main benefit of solar power is its sustainability. As a home owner though, you can experience other benefits too.

For instance, when your extra power is stored in the main grid, the main power supply company may credit it to your bill. Alternately, they may just charge you less for what you actually use from them in terms of meter readings.

In the long-run this will help you save on energy costs. Although the initial setting-up requires a high investment, the amount will be worth it over the years.