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How International Shipping can help you Order Heavy Weight Products from the USA too

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One of the most popular ways of transporting heavy goods across countries is shipping. This because ships traditionally carried larger and heavier volumes of cargo and the cost of transport per item came out to be less as compared to air cargo. Shipping companies usually give customers the chance to rent shipping containers and then levy charges on basis of the weight of containers.

Oversized products shipping restrictions: E Bay global shipping program.

This program is one of the most popular programs in terms of convenience and reach of delivery. All items ordered from USA (or from any either country) using the E Bay shopping site can be shipped using the global reach shipping program which has collaborations with major shipping companies. Any packet which weighs less than 66 lbs and measures less than 66 inches in length can be safely shipped by E bay. The restrictions In terms of total size are that the package must not exceed the dimension of 118 inches. Dimension is defined as length added to two times the summation of width and height

How to prepare your goods for sea freight?

You will have to put in all your stuff in boxes and then calculate the total weight and the dimensions of the box. You can get quotes from all shipping companies to see how much they charge for one container. Sea freight goods usually are transported in containers and one container rent will cause 1500 dollars. Recently USPS has hiked its prices so for packets which weigh more than 4 lbs it is less expensive to ship by express freight than economy. As the USA-Australia route doest have sea mail, sea freight can be considered though you to be prepared to wait for a long time before the packet actually arrive. The total process might take between 8-10 weeks.


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