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How Engagement Rings are Made

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One of the biggest events in a person’s life is when their significant others would ask for their hands in marriage. In order to make things official that the couple would soon become husband and wife, an engagement is first made and engagement rings make up the physical proof that a wedding is just around the corner. When the fiancé or the couple would search and order engagement rings, it is often done in a personalized fashion in order to make the ring unique and very special for the couple. When dealing with custom made engagement rings, there are several steps that jewelers make in order to create and deliver this one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

engagement rings


Initial design of the ring

The initial design of the ring is the first step that is taken by jewelers whenever requests for engagement rings are being asked for by their clients. These requests can be made online or through a visit in physical shops set up by the jewelers of the client’s choice. During this stage, the initial design of the engagement ring is made from the choice of the band and gemstone to its overall appearance. The jewelers would provide a list or a guide to their clients so they will be able to easily know how to personalize their engagement ring. When everything is good to go, the jewelers will have it drafted and printed using a 3D printer and they will start the creation of the ring after the necessary payments have been made.

Manufacturing of the ring

Engagement rings have a series of manufacturing steps which begin with the end result of the 3D print. This 3D print, which is a material based in wax, is then used in order to create a rubber mold which is then used in order to help the metal bend into its shape. A single order of engagement ring does not come alone as it comes with several other rings that are required to be produced in the said batch and will appear to like a tree with its branches ending in rings. The metal then undergoes another process for it to take in the shape of its mold and the rings are then cut from its rubber branches.

Designing of the rings

With the rings are ready and are removed from the tree, they are now ready to be passed onto the next stage which is the final designing of the rings. In this step, the engagement rings are beautified according to each of its respective designs. The stones are placed and soldered and given a final clean up in order to make the engagement ring ready to be placed in a velvet box which will be handed to the future wife of the client.