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How do Advertising Agencies Shortlist and Hire Web Designers

Posted in Marketing

As the owner/manager of an advertising agency you must know that customer satisfaction is paramount to survival. You must continue producing web design work of commendable quality and at competitive prices if you want to prosper in the advertising industry. Your quality of work will depend on the quality of web designer you are hiring.

Lots of relevant experience

Your website is the most important inbound marketing tool you are going to have for your business. Obviously it’s not wise to leave it to the mercy of a total greenhorn. Look for website design company Sunshine Coast which has a lot of experience in delivering websites which fall within your range of expectations.

Look for someone who is aware of all protocols, is conversant with all mark up languages and has a good eye for coding in CSS, PHP, HTML (or whatever you need). Look closely in the portfolio and read up on the past work experience section. It’s important to cross verify facts to know all that you have read is true.

Communication skills

There are some web designers who can create excellent graphics and superb copy but their human communication skills are right next to pathetic. Be sure to check out the kind of language the designer has used to describe his scope of work and check out the way he /she talks in real life. You and your designer must have an easy flow of communication as you will have to discuss critical aspects of your business website with him/her.


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