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How Choose the Right Splashbacks for Your Home

Posted in Home Designs

When you intend to do a home renovation, why not go for kitchen splashbacks if you do not have installed them yet? Using splash back will surely transform your kitchen into the best place for the whole family. Splash backs will make way for new appearance and your kitchen space will look unique as well. But of course, everything must be carefully planned out so the new splash back you will install will really serve the purpose and will also last longer.

Kinds of Splashbacks to Choose From

The kinds of splashbacks are categorized based on the kind of material they are made of. Each of them has advantage and disadvantage but it would always be you to get the right product. Here are some of them:

Glass. You can have splash backs made of glass so you can easily clean it and glasses are hygienic too. You can choose the colored, textured and painted glass. It is one of the top choices for splash backs nowadays.

Tiles. This is commonly used than glass since many homeowner find tiles stylish. This may be because of the choices you will have in terms of color, shapes and patterns.

Steel. Modern splashbacks are made of stainless steel. Many favor this material also because it is easier to clean and the maintenance requirement is very simple. However, stainless steel naturally show smudges, water marks and finger prints which are really visible.

Timber. This offers you an elegant choice for splashbacks. But make sure the manufacturer can ensure you that the timber is carefully sealed so it will not be easily damaged with frequent exposure to water and other spills.



Other splashbacks. These include the mosaic, LED and other materials. Find out samples so you can better decide.

When you install kitchen splashbacks, you can also utilize the mixing and matching idea. You can have tile and glass. Mixing at least two kinds of splash backs will definitely have unique look.

If you are still unsure of what has to be done at home, you can consult a professional interior designer on how the splashback should be installed; what style or color is needed; and what type of installation will necessarily produce a very elegant kitchen.

Find out Printed Splashbacks that sell splash backs and then also ask if they have services for installation. If they have, you can request the them as well to help you install the splashback.