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Hotels vs Accommodation Apartments

Posted in Travel

Accommodation apartments come with no added trappings of tips as is applicable in the case of hotels. In the hotel there is this almost unwritten rule about tips, you are supposed to tip the doorman, bellboy, maid and waiter otherwise it becomes a protocol issue. Accommodation apartments are more like personal rented spaces. If you are working within a limited budget and seriously ant to avoid the extra cost trappings of tips then ditch hotels and find out an accommodation apartment instead.

Atmosphere and comfort

The difference between accommodation apartments and hotels is more or less the difference between your home and a hotel. Accommodation apartments do come in various shapes, sizes and budgets, which ensure that you find one which exactly meets your requirements. Apartments have a homely atmosphere which you can customize according to your taste. In sharp contrast hotels have a synthetic artificial atmosphere. If you want the place you stay in to be informal and attractive then settling for an accommodation apartment will be a safer bet for you.

So when should you use an accommodation apartment?

When you are on a long duration backpacking trip or working on a limited budget then accommodation apartments are great for you. If you don’t mind doing your own cleaning and are not a big fan of room service then again accommodation apartments are good for you. Do a little market research before you settle on an accommodation apartment.

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Hotels, accommodation apartments, hospitals and others needs to be maintain by professional cleaning service provider.

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