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Hiring a Caterer

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Once you have made your mind, the last step would be to sign a contract. Even if it takes time, read the terms well. See for hidden conditions and costs. Talk about refund, cancellation, advance payments or any other issue. Know what all would they bring, and what all do you need to bring in. Check for their license and credentials. A few catering services are not approved for a particular location – check this before making the payment. Talk about the event timings, their availability and sign the contract. These simple steps will not let your money go waste – and can help you plan better without any hiccups.

Talk to the caterer

This is the most important step to ensure you are taking a right decision. Talk to the chef and other caterers. Look for more information like the team size; how they are planning to coordinate and arrange things, what they would do if something falls short, how flexible are they and how much part do you need to play while they are in. Communicate your expectations, number of guests, and budget to them. Let them tell you what the best they can do is.

Taste the food

Food is the single most important reason for hiring a caterer. If possible, taste the food. Also, let them know what cuisine or kind of food you are expecting. Check if the company has enough expertise in preparing those items. Ask them if you can taste the food during the event, before it’s served to others. This is just to make sure everything’s perfect. Don’t proceed with a particular caterer if everything is good but the food is ok. Remember, food has to be excellent.