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Guidelines When Choosing Shade Sails for Commercial Activities

Posted in Construction & Renovation

Shade sails are known to add a new look to the architecture of a building or a house. They can provide privacy and comfort. Selection of the right variety can provide an outstanding look to the entire premises involving various activities. Vast experience is needed to select the right one.

Children play area

If children and adults are exposed to the sun rays for a long period of time there are chances of getting skin cancer. Therefore it is highly beneficial to install a good material shade sail that is waterproof and sun proof in children’s play areas which are created outdoors for entertainment. As these shades are even available in a number of bright colours, customizing an attractive one should not be a huge problem for the event managers. This way the kids can enjoy their play time and the adults can watch them play peacefully in the shade area. 

Terrace and Bar Area

The terrace and bar area also requires shading. Choosing a suitable design and selecting the right series of sails are equally important. The bar area must be shaded with caution. The view across the beautiful parkland must not be compromised at any cost. Custom made wall brackets must be installed on the columns. This is done to avoid any friction with the tensioning systems within the primary terrace slab. Choose sails which have the connection exactly at the mid-point. This will provide maximum shading for both the staff and the patron of the bar.

Creating a Protected Area

You might be considering getting a shade for your prestigious new office. An eye-catching waterproof shade sail is your first choice. You want your employees to use a particular small expanse of area during the break. Try to select the right design. Pay attention to both the engineering and manufacturing aspect. Your employees will appreciate your sincere effort of providing a recreation area for them. Providing the right protection must be your primary concern.

A Single Large Sail

As an agriculture company you might need a wide expanse of outdoor space to entertain your present well wishers and future clients. An area beside the headquarters can be assigned for the purpose. Chose a single large sail for this purpose. A sail measuring approximately 240 square meters is the ideal one. Lastly, shade sails must be in tune with the main framework of the building.