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Guidelines On Comparing Different Services and Quotes of Home Builders

Posted in Construction & Renovation

Building a house or a granny flat requires time, money and the right people to do it. As you know, a house is a lifetime investment so you need to do a thorough research before selecting a home builder. Keep on reading.

Check for Registration

The builder you hire must be registered and authorized to carry out all types of building construction work. Some builders may have restrictions placed on their registration as part of disciplinary action for any reason whatsoever. Contact the Building Commission of your area and go through the Register of Builders maintained by them in order to find out the exact status of the builder’s registration before paying your money.

Check for Home Indemnity Insurance

All registered builders are legally required to take adequate home indemnity insurance cover and provide a copy of the same to their customers. This coverage is intended to protect you (the consumer) in case the builder dies, disappears or declares himself insolvent. However the coverage is not compulsory in case your apartment is part of a large high-rise or has multiple basement levels. See

Compare Quotes

Always compare quotes from at least three builders before deciding. Avoid quotes that seem to be too ‘affordable’ when compared to other similar estimates. Go over the quotes in details along with your builder and clarify all confusion immediately. Ensure that all specifications are mentioned clearly in order to avoid misunderstandings and unexpected cost escalations later on.

Compare on Preparation of Plans Agreements

It is usual to draw up a Preparation of Plans Agreement with your prospective builder in order to get an overview of the basic costs involved. The Agreement should clearly mention the type of preparatory work that the builder will undertake such as site inspection, cost of preparing the foundation or any special structure and preparation of detailed drawings. Do remember that the fee for this preparatory work is not refundable although some builders will agree to deduct this fee if you sign the final construction contract with them.

For any home repair or building maintenance tasks, hire a handyman.