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Guidelines on Buying Used Exercise Equipment

Posted in Shopping

Investing on a home gym equipments is quite expensive. Some equipments can go as high as $1000 or more. But you don’t need to worry, because you can opt to choose used fitness equipment. 

Following are some tips, pointers and warnings you should keep in mind while purchasing used exercise equipment for your budget

Check for Safety Features

You have to check thoroughly for all kinds of safety features (which must be in good working condition) before settling on a fitness equipment. For example, the pedals on a stationary bicycle should stop with ease and operate smoothly. There should not be any rust on iron dumbbells.

There also should not be any sign of excessive wear and tear or crack on a plastic or rubber part. Remember to check the condition of the wires, electronics and emergency shut off switches for signs of damage or fraying.

Watch Out for Excessive Wear and Tear

A used fitness equipment will not resemble a sparkling new machine. It is bound to show some visible signs of wear and tear, which is totally expected. However, beware of glaring defects, rust, gaping cracks and signs of excessive wear or damage. The machine and all its different features should be in perfect working order.

Test the equipment thoroughly by yourself and find out if any defective part requires replacement. The replacements should be affordable and readily available. 


Used fitness equipment will usually have expired warranties, but if you are lucky, you may find an item that still has a year’s warranty left on it. If you are purchasing name brand equipment, you may contact the makers, asking for customer support or service of some kind.

Do not purchase equipment that have had recalls and replacement parts should be available with ease. Research thoroughly in online stores, price comparison websites and in brick and mortar stores before purchasing an equipment.