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Guidelines for Writing Patent Application

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aPatent application should be written to get your claim over your unique invention. If you are too busy, you can hire a marketing person, who can do the research work for you and ensure that your invention is absolutely exclusive. Once, you are confirmed about the individuality of your patent, you can start writing the application

Precise Title

The title of your application should be precise and self-explanatory. The authorities should not struggle to understand it. Don’t experiment giving new and unheard names to the title, rather give a name which is easy to identify. You can add more features into well-known words; this would make it easy for readers to find more information about your invention

Clear Ideas

The readers should be able to comprehend the objective and values of your invention. The invention made by you should be mentioned in grammatically correct language in the application. Write your descriptions, using simple and clean words, which can effectively express your ideas and thoughts.

Avoid using ambiguous words, or words depicting that you were awry, at time of writing. Your description should be commanding, showing that you are confident about your invention from all the aspects. Avoid using blurred words; they can make your description weak.

It is always better to have a lawyer to guide you with your patent application.

Values of Patent

Express your ideas and inventions concisely in the application. Mention all the pros and cons of the invention, along-with solutions for problem areas.

Mention all the hindrances, you faced and how you successfully resolved them. While mentioning the benefits, you have to show, how your invention is rare and unique.

Supported with Proofs

If you are claiming a particular invention, only details are not sufficient. You have to insert prerequisite proofs and theories in the application, to accentuate your invention.

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