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Guide To Traveling The Cook Islands

Posted in Travel

To many travelers and honeymooners, the Cook Island holiday is luxurious getaway. Cook Island holiday do not need to cost a small fortune. The Cook Islands are made up of 15 small islands that make it a nation, and many times are called the Pacific Ocean’s best kept secret. Here is a guide to making your Cook Island holiday a success.

Which Islands

The northern group of the Cook Islands is not easily accessible, which makes them the most expensive to visit. You can still visit them, but they are off the beaten track for most travelers.

The southern group of islands is the group that most people visit. Most of the southern islands have flights that connect them. Flight times vary from island to island, so you should check to make sure that you do not miss a flight. Palmerston and Manuae are the only two southern islands that do not have flights connecting them, so you will have to travel by boat to visit these islands.

When to Visit

Thanks to the Cook Islands’ location, the weather is great for all year travel. If you are planning your Cook Island holiday in the months of December to April, you may want some flexibility with your fight dates since this is cyclone season. This is also the hottest time of the year in the Cook Islands.


The Cook Islands are one of the few places on Earth where cell phone companies are not able to offer any cheap international phone packages. Calling home from the Cook Islands can become quite expensive. Since the Cook Islands are literally in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, you may want to turn off your data roaming feature and use your phone’s airplane mode to save money on your next cell phone bill.

Some cell phone companies offer data packages at special rates for the Cook Islands, but you should confirm how much data you are getting, and calculate just how fast you can burn though it. If you do use a data package, turn off your apps auto updates, as they will eat up all the data that you have within minutes. Many hotels in the Cook Island do not offer free WiFi, so watch how much internet that you use.


When you are traveling to the Cook Islands you should prepare for hot, sunny weather. Make sure to bring a lot of sunscreen, bug spray, and summer clothing. A waterproof camera, and snorkeling equipment are also good things to pack since these items cost a lot to rent, and many times you will be using old equipment.