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Green means Clean

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There should be no arguments when it comes to the student’s well-being and guaranteeing they have a clean and healthy environment. But most public schools find the system of keeping the school undeniably clean because of the funds they have. That is why, green cleaning routine is made. Schools, not only public schools but also the private schools should adhere to the green cleaning routine. Since we are concerned to the health and learning of our children, school cleaning Brisbane routine should be taken into consideration. Then why should school adopt to the green cleaning routine?

If the school adopt the school cleaning that is in line to the green cleaning routine, there will be elimination or reduction from the exposure to harmful and toxic chemicals. Hence, the school will have a healthier environment. Avoiding from using cleaning products that contains harmful chemicals will ensure the health of students as well as the custodial staff who are in charge to the cleaning. So instead of purchasing those chemicals, the school can resort to the green cleaning products available in the market. Another advantage of it is the cleaning procedure will be safer and more efficient. The green cleaning program trains the school custodian how to properly handle cleaning chemicals safely, and trains them the effective procedures in cleaning, making them more effective. Since there are schools that could not afford to purchase cleaning machines, the green cleaning is a budget-friendly routine. School cleaning will therefore not require much consumption of chemicals, which means, it can save the school’s fund. By doing so, sick days and absenteeism of the staff as well as the students will be lessen.

School cleaning routine can be environmentally-friendly too if the school adopt the green cleaning program. It means waste disposal will be corrected, energy usage will be reduced, and efforts in recycling will be perceived. Therefore, schools must encourage the students to adapt to the program. Schools can also held a PTA meeting to bring up this concern and hear the opinions of the parents about the green cleaning routines, and encourage as well the parents to do the same at home so students will be used to doing it. It will be great then if the school head discuss the importance of adhering to the program by tackling its benefits like the elimination of toxic chemicals, and finding the greener solutions to keep the school free from toxic. In this way, parents can understand it well and support the school’s aim to provide a clean, safe, and healthy environment, conducive to learning. Choosing the greener way of school cleaning is a step toward the right direction—towards the students’ success.