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Fool-Proof Ways To Create A Photo Booth

Posted in Events

Photo booths have become a must have for weddings. Many people use photo booth hires or try to DIY their photo booths. Many times, the following tips will work if you are just going to use the photo booth once, or create your ownphoto booth hire business.

If you do not understand lighting and higher grade cameras, and do not have the time or the want to learn about these things, you may find that creating your own photo booth is not worth the work. Photo booth hires vary in pricing and you can definitely find one that fits your price range. Also, if you do not already own the camera and lighting, and do not think that you will be using them again, you are going to spend about the same if not more than what you would for aphoto booth hire. If you are going to use the equipment again or already have all the items you need, or are looking to run your own photo booth hire in the future, here are some things to make a DIY photo booth work.


Creating a backdrop is not hard, in many case blank colored wall works the best and is what most photo booth hire use. If you want to have a picture or pattern, you can have a pattern. Make sure that you have the correct size backdrop. The normal size is about 6 feet by 4 feet, or 3 by 2 which is what most cameras are automatically set to.

-Use as much light as possible

Camera flashes are the worst things, as they can cause a lot of photo problems. You should set up the photo booth in an area that has a lot of light, even if this has to be away from the main event. You can bring extra lights to help with the lighting.


Props are a photo booth’s best friend. No matter what you choose, your guests will have more fun if there are props. The only prop to stay away from is feather boas, as they make a mess and are a pain to clean up after.

-Photo Printer

There are a few options for photo printing. One of the best options is the Instax Share SP-1 Photo printer, as it allows anyone to use their smartphones to print photos at the wedding. You can also look at locked Bluetooth printing systems if you are worrying about people printing a lot of photos from your photo printer. Photo printing supplies can run into a lot of money, so you may want to look into a photo booth hire if you have a lot of guests.

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