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Fiji Resorts: Experience Their Main Dining Masterpieces

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Food is both a basic necessity and a pleasure that will make people happy. You can’t think of any satisfaction other than the foods you eat. Therefore, your dining experience matters a lot. This is true, especially when you are out for a family holidays Fiji trip. Fiji resorts are varied as the island itself embraces over 320 islands. There are too many that you can’t even imagine how will you finish visiting these places in a week. Each island has ts own unique features, and most of which offers excellent accommodation and food services. But just like any other competition, people can’t hide the fact that there are always be the most visited restaurants.

The Main Dining Venues

The breeze of the wind, the sound of the ocean, and the sensual touch of the waters make your holiday trip a colorful one. This island lets you enjoy the mouthwatering tastes and aromas of the renowned island cuisines. With delicious alternatives, you will be spoil for the choices you will be making. Whatever culinary menus you desire, you will always find them on a wide variety of the menus. Emphasis is given on the fresh seasonal menus being produced from both the local and international suppliers, and Fijian growers brought to your table with flair and flavor. 

Waters Edge Restaurant

This is one of the best main restaurants and buffet area. This restaurant opens for all dining hours (breakfast, lunch and dinner). So, what can you get from this restaurant? The restaurant has a large white umbrellas and ocean views providing world class menus. The setting is enhanced by the songs and music of the “Castaway Islanders.”

Nuku Marau

This is a grill at the poolside offering a wide range of Polynesian and Asian-inspired delights including fresh and clean hand rolled sushi, Hibachi Skewers, California rolls, Hawaiian ‘tuna poke’, delicious burgers, traditional chips, and fish, as well as assorted wraps.

Sundowner Bar

This has an Italian style gourmet with a wood fired pizzas that features a crisp, and thin delicious topping choices. The restaurant is open from breakfast at 9am until 9.00pm at night. You can delight in amazing breakfast pizza. The Sundowner also offers take away pizzas, along with a romantic sunset getaway on the beach or a traditional family picnic.

By visiting the best Fiji resorts, you will be able to embrace the gracious Fijian hospitality and friendliness in an impressive seaside reminiscent of a cultural Fijian village. Private Vahavu swimming pool, signature Talai butler services, world class foods and accommodations, and sweeping sight from the hilltop Bebe Spa are the factors that trigger people to comes at Fiji resorts.