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Features To Consider When Buying A Smoke Alarm

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Brisbane smoke alarm installation offer few extra features that help you be able better protect both you and your family. There are many different combinations you can choose from, so you will be able to create the safest option for your home.

Power Source

If you choose hard wired smoke alarms for your home, you are going to have the smoke alarm installation done by a professional. This is due to the wiring that is needed with this type of smoke alarm installation. The battery-only smoke alarm installation is much simpler, and will work when there is a power failure. However, you will need to replace the batteries once or twice a year, depending on the batteries that you choose to use. There are also plug-in options now. The smoke alarm installation of plug-in smoke alarms is a problem since most homes have electrical plugs that are low on the walls. The ideal place for a smoke alarm installation is high on the wall or on the ceiling.

Battery Backup

No matter the type of smoke alarm you choose, you should look for a model that includes a backup battery for when the power goes out. All smoke alarms that are battery-powered will warn you when the battery is running low with a light or a noise.

Hush Button

A hush button is a great thing to have when you are dealing with false alarms, and takes less work than pulling out the battery or finding the off button. Just about all the smoke alarms on the market have a hush button.

Special Alarm Types

There are more and more special alarm types that are hitting the market, which include the strobe light alarms. Strobe light alarms are the best option for smoke alarms for the hearing impaired. Some units will have these features built into the smoke alarm. Other units will have add-ons like the strobe light.

Voice alarms are another new type of smoke alarm that are on the market. These alarms are meant for children, as children tend to sleep deeper than many adults. Children are more likely to miss the beeping of the alarm since they are sleeping so soundly. Many voice alarms will allow you to record your voice, and use that to alert the child. At the moment, it has not be confirmed that this is the best way to wake children in cases of fire. However, there is one study that showed many pre-teens that slept through the fire alarm tone, woke up when their mothers voice was pre-recorded and played.