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Family Things to Do in Broome – The Roebuck Bay Eco Tour

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One of the most recommended family things to do in Broome is without a doubt the Roebuck bay Eco Tour. Tourists even have a choice of taking the Morning Eco Tour or the Sunset Cruise. At Broome Whale Watching, we take into account the preference of our guests as we know you also have a lot of things scheduled. We also provide complimentary bus transfers for those guests who need it.

The prices for both adults and children are the same for the Morning Eco Tour and Sunset Cruise. Both tours also have a duration of 3 hours and this is something you should put in your schedule. We would be more than welcome to accommodate those families who want to attend both tours as several guests have done that in the past because of how impressed they were.

The Sunset Cruise

There is no better feeling than enjoying ice cold drinks while staring at the amazing sight of the sunset. Therefore, we provide refreshments at our licensed bar. For those who prefer bringing their own drinks, that is very welcome. We know some of our guests have excellent taste when it comes to alcohol so we welcome all the hard liquor in the vessel as long as you don’t drink too much.

One of the parts of the cruises that make this one of most well-known family things to do in Broome is the delicious canapes and cheese platters. There is nothing like enjoying great food while touring the Roebuck Bay. Find out the reason why Australia named it its newest marine park. You will certainly not regret coming aboard this cruise as you will conclude it is one of the best family things to do in Broome.

The Morning Eco Tour

Sea creatures are not the only thing you will be able to observe during this tour. You will be able to find out how birds live their lives. It is certainly impossible to take a closer look at them in the sky so we took the liberty of providing binoculars for your convenience.

For the health conscious, we provide morning tea. We all know the benefits of drinking tea early in the morning so we made it a point to have loads of tea in our vessel. We are confident this tour will be among the family things to do in Broome list once you are back to your accommodation at Broome.