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Extra Water in Water Tanks Can Help You Surpass Water Restrictions

Posted in Construction & Renovation

Water use restrictions and laws are already in place in Australia, and with the scarcity of water becoming more acute over the years these laws will only become more stringent. Having a water tank in your backyard to store rainwater, or storm-water, will only help you perform all your household chores without the added stress of flouting rules.

For the dry days, water tanks are a great help

Water tanks let you store water for up to two days depending on your rate of consumption. So in drought prone areas, or really dry zones, these water tanks are a great help. If in dire need, you can even set up your own distillation plant which will allow you to distill the water stored in the tank and use it for drinking.

Remember, rainwater is not potable unless treated with chemicals to make it safe. So while you cannot drink it straight up, you can always set up a home treatment plant to use in extreme circumstances.

Whatever use you may put the water stored in your water tank to, having one will be a wonderful addition to your home. You will be doing your bit for the environment as well! Before installing one, ask an expert and have a water tank installed that will be suitable to your family’s needs. Also, remember to keep the water tank clean and free of debris and leaf litter if you plan to use the water for drinking purpose.

Hire a plumber when you have a problem with your water tanks.