Everything You Want To Know About Puerto Galera

As you have probably known already based from the books that narrates about God’s creation, he made this world complete enough for humans to be comfortable. Technology then is not recognized but still humans can already survive. It means that the world is endowed with things that can already make us full and at the same time, make us entertained as well. Yes, the world is created so that people could have been entertained by nature alone though of course, knowing that humans are discoverers by nature, our interests are also evolving making us less enthusiastic about the things that nature provides. However, because of the fact that nowadays we are always so busy with the products of technology, there are times when we also want to break free and get back to what is used to be. Like just being entertained by nature and indeed you can easily do that if you will spend time in Puerto Galera.


For those who are from other countries, Puerto Galera is one of the cities in the Philippines. To be exact, this is part of Mindoro that is just about 90 minutes from the busiest city in this country which is Manila. Puerto Galera is not that popular yet but as of now, it is really starting to create a buzz because of the fact that there are now more diving enthusiasts around us and there are interesting diving spots in this city. However, aside from that, there are still a lot of things that are interesting to know about Puerto Galera and if you are interested as well, here are some of the things you can learn about this city:

– If you will travel by land to Puerto Galera from Manila, it might take about 2 to 3 hours. However, you don’t have to take that long route as there is another options which is faster and that is by taking the SKYWAY.

– When it comes to the accommodation, the most popular choices are the Sabang and The White Beach. Most of the time, when the tourist is from another country, he will choose Sabang while locals choose the White Beach. Both of these accommodations though offer diving packages. However, if you are just there for a dive, you should choose Sabang as what others do but if you are with a family, you can choose the White Beach.

– Note though that there are no ATMs in White Beach but there is one in Sabang. The other two ATMs are in the poblacion. There are just three ATMs in this city.

– No need to worry though as most of the resorts in Puerto Galera accept all types of credit cards.

– If you are looking for more affordable accommodation in Puerto Galera, then you should have your vacation during off-season times.

These are just some of the faqs about Puerto Galera. Through this, you should learn what to expect in this city.