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Essential Safety Procedures a Professional Contracting Firm Would Follow

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The civil construction industry is a high-risk sector where contractors, workers and casual visitors are exposed to myriads of hazards every second. Understandably, a standard safety procedure is compulsory in order to make the work place safer and more comfortable for all. Whether you are a self-employed contractor or somebody looking to hire civil or excavation contractors, you must ensure that the right safety measures are in place.

On-site Safety Procedures

Safety procedure at the site is the responsibility of both the principal contractor and other sub-contractors hired by him for specific areas of the job. So even if the principal contractor has a supervisor, individual sub-contracting firms must still care for the safety and well-being of their own employees. In fact, the principal contractor and all other sub-contractors should coordinate with each other and regularly monitor the safety procedures in place and modify these as required.

A single person must be entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining OHS standards and identifying hazardous areas. He should regularly monitor all site activities and ensure that all safety procedures are followed everywhere.

The contracting firm must ensure that only trained and experienced workers are hired for such hazardous jobs or competent supervisors are present all the time to oversee work by unskilled/semiskilled labourers.

All machineries and equipments must be checked regularly to ensure smooth and risk-free performance. The site must also have a well-defined traffic management plan for safe movement of mobile plants and other vehicles. There should also be a contingency plan for dealing with emergency situations as much as possible.