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Equipments for Small Cafe

Posted in Hospitality

A hot or cold coffee is best enjoyed with a few sandwiches and pastries. A small cafe may not need triple door sandwich units which can stock up huge quantities of vegetables, cheese and meat in them. For a regular service at a small cafe a double door sandwich unit will work well.

Pastries which are displayed attractively in the right temperature usually get sold quickly. As many people prefer to drink coffee along with a pastry of their choice, you surely have to choose a proper floor space and choose pastry cases which can keep your pastries fresh and light.

Ice maker

Cold coffee when served with ice is delicious and heavenly. For small cafes which are usually busy during peak times of the day, making ice can be a strenuous procedure without a proper ice maker. With a requirement of a 24 hour supply of ice for your frappes, shakes and fruit smoothies, ice maker is essential equipment in a cafe.


Your commercial coffee machines may produce the most authentic coffee, but when the same coffee has to be produced it needs milk and other powders which need to be stored in the refrigerator, kept in the back area of your cafe. You may even store water bottles, dairy products, vegetables and meat in the refrigerator to prevent it from getting stale.

Don’t shy away from asking questions about the warranty and the after sales service of the products you purchase. Insist on a proper itemized bill and a valid warranty paper to save yourself from future hassle.