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Energy Saving Capability

Posted in Home Designs

The conventional methods of lighting that we use in our homes are only 20% efficient. It means that out of the 100% power being given to them, only 20% is being used to give light while the rest 80% is contributing in producing heat in the room. To counteract that heat you use air conditioners which subsequently increase the energy consumption. LED lights for homes are 80% efficient in producing the light and thus save a lot of energy that would have been lost in heat otherwise. Considering the kind of energy saving advantages, they are the best available alternative for the bulbs and tube lights.

Green solution to illumination needs

Another great benefit of using the LED lights in your home is that they are free from any kind of harmful chemicals. While normal lights like bulbs have a certain amount of harmful elements like mercury, they don’t decompose completely after their death. But the LED lights are completely made up of biodegradable materials. Therefore they get completely decomposed into the environment and are cent percent biodegradable. This also helps you in reducing your carbon footprint on the planet and contributes to a greener ecosystem.

No UV emission

The LED lights produce a very little amount of infrared radiation and close to no UV radiations. Apart from saving the materials from extra heat, it also helps in reducing the danger caused to its surroundings due to harmful ultraviolet radiations.

Highly durable

Considering the fact that they are made up of rugged materials, they are highly durable in nature. They offer longer than any other type of illumination source in the market. Also they cost lesser in comparison with the other illuminating devices.