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Effective Tips In Organizing A Surprise Party

Posted in Events

Organizing a party for your loved one while keeping it classified is quite challenging. The effort that you need to exert for all the arrangements would surely make you love one special.

Ensure Availability

Even if the person you are about to surprise is quite close to you (your spouse/parent/gf/bf) this does not automatically guarantee availability. You will really have to be crafty here and devise ways of knowing beforehand if the person is free to attend the party at the designated time and date. There is no point is planning a surprise party if the guest of honour is otherwise engaged. One good way of confirming this is to ask the person if they will accompany you on that particular day and time for an ‘important appointment; (make up something like attending a concert or a movie or a corporate event).

Avoid Sending Formal Invitations

The more elaborate the invitations are the more you risk the chance of an exposure. Try to keep the guest list small and select so that you can send invitations over the telephone. Sending out elaborate invitation cards involve activities which can give out your secret; especially if your loved person stays in the same home as you. The social media too should be avoided as this is one of the fastest ways of spreading any information among the maximum people; like it or not!

Find an Unusual Venue

The best way of organizing a surprise party is hosting it away from the residence of the guest of honour. This way, you will be able to put up all the decorations and complete the arrangements without the risk of being found out. Surprise parties at home rarely work as the chief guest is definitely going to sense something. Select a location that is a little far away from his/her residence or a unique venue that your loved person has never been to before. Select also the party supplies for all the materials and decorations that you will be needing for that party.