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Effective Team Meetings Tips

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Make sure that there is an active participation coming from all the members, you should not be the only person speaking in the meeting. For effective team development, welcome the creative ideas and opinions coming from volunteer team members.

Some members believe in action rather than words. So, don’t insist them to speak something if he/she is not willing to.

Respect Punctuality

Always start and end the meeting on time. When you have a defined goal with defined time, your chances of having successful meetings increase. You will be under pressure to finish the meeting in time and thereby won’t waste time on unnecessary details. Don’t keep waiting for the late comers because by doing this, you will prepare more late comers for the next meeting.

Availability of Right People

All the concerned decision makers and team leaders, required to attend the meeting, should be available for the meeting. If the concerned authorities are unavailable at the time of meeting, it’s better to cancel or postpone the meeting. Meeting taking place in the absence of important decision makers doesn’t make any sense.

Appropriate Action

Provided, everything happened in a pre-planned and systematic way, the end without agenda would fail the entire meeting. At the end of the meeting, all the members should be ready with their action plans and strategies.

For corporate team buildings, get the written feedbacks from all the attendees through email, asking them to define what they learnt from the meeting and ask for mentioning their recommendations also such as, what resources they require to meet the agenda and others.